About us

Intreat was founded in March 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden with the purpose of enhancing people’s experiences in crowded venues. We are a team of four dedicated individuals who want to provide the ultimate mobile ordering and payment experience wherever you are, be it at a sports arena, concert, or restaurant.

Board of Directors

Björn Hamberg

Björn is a serial entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in several industries where he has created solutions that satisfy market needs. Björn introduced Innebandy in the 1980’s in Europe through his company Jolly. At the age of 21, Björn created the Bear Seat, which was patented and sold in over 15 countries and became the official seat cushion for the Calgary Olympics in 1988. Between 1995-2004, Björn worked in the US where he started companies in medical technology, traffic monitoring, and IT services. His IT company offered one of the first services for cloud based data storage. Björn got his MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics between 2009-2011 where he did a project on enhancing and speeding up payment processes. This project was the start of the ideas that today have become Intreat.

Lars Alm

Lars has a background as manager and entrepreneur within media, advertising, digital and technology. Lars has been CEO for Apegroup, the leading digital mobile agency in Scandinavia, and Managing Director for DDB Rapp Collins. He has also founded Euro Promotion, a sports business promotion company, and Netgame Factory, a mobile gaming solutions company. He has a Master of Science in Business from the School of Economics in Gothenburg.

Patrik Andersson

Patrik has a background as a professional soccer player. During his 18 years, he represented Malmö FF, Blackburn Rovers, Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Bayern Munchen, FC Barcelona and the Swedish national team. He completed career milestones in FIFA, UEFA, and the Swedish Football Association, in addition to engagements in Manchester United and FC Barcelona. He is also the Bundesliga expert for Eurosport. Other board experience include Athlete Sports Academy AB, Gegant AB, Visca AB and LdB FC Malmö.

Ninna Engberg

Ninna has a background as CEO for Stockholm Globe Arenas and CEO from the MTG group. Before working at Globe Arenas she has been Business Development Director at TV4 and Sponsorship Manager at SVT. She has also done a career at MTG working as CEO at RTL Radio and Vice CEO at MTG Radio. Today Ninna works in different boards and among them she is a Board Member at Hammarby.

Andres Reyes

Andres is an entrepreneur who moved to Sweden from Canada to explore the start-up opportunities in Stockholm. He speaks English, French, Spanish, Swedish and comes with a diverse international background, including experience as a Management Consultant in the Nordic countries. Together with Björn, Andres has built Intreat from the ground up and is now in charge of partner relations, revenue modeling, and overall business development of the company.